Die-Cast Machines

Production expirience

Over 10 years of production of casting machines, we have gained enough experience to point out possible problems both in the production of the required machine and in its operation in the given conditions in which the machine will be used.

It is also important to emphasize all the important aspects that machine needs to fulfill before the very beginning of the project development. This is important in order to correctly project the machine, its work principle and efficiency.

Modernisation of old die-cast machines

Not only do we manufacture new machines, we also deal with the modernization and automation of old machines. We are able to change old relay-type electronics with new PLC-type. Which contributes to the stability and safety of the machine, as well as its programmability.

Reparation of die-cast machines

Machines are overhauled in accordance with the request. We try to minimize repair time because we are aware of the cost of production downtime.