About Us

Our history

Metalotehnika Group D.O.O. was founded in 1998 as an manufacturing company focused on metal processing machinery for high-pressure aluminium die-casting and steel construction.

About us

Metalotehnika Group D.O.O. operation and manufacturing facility is committed to the construction of industrial machinery. Our facility is equipped with modern machine tools, fabricating equipment and quality control systems.

However the most important component of our operation is our experienced designers, engineers, machinist, welders, assemlers, electricians and process control technicians that build our world class products for you.

The manufacturing division of our company includes CNC controlled steel equipment, a complete weld and fabrication department, electrical and hydraulic assembly, mechanical assembly and quality control. Metalotehnika Group D.O.O. utilizes the latest technologies and equipment to manufacture your orders. Our facilities are equipped with large capacity machine tools, horizontal and CNC machinig centers and a complete line of fabricating equipment.

Our products

Our initial products were machines and production lines for aluminum die-casting and processing. We have grown one product at a time, making improvements and developing new technology along the way. The company delivered many of machines to all corners of the globe. Customers were located in China, Mexico, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, France, Croatia and Serbia. The Company main Customer is Le Belier-France-leader in aluminum breaking components with 40% pressence on World market, global group specialiyed in the manufacture of moulded aluminum safety components for cars.